There is no other people who can take care of your house very well but it is you as you are the one who lives there and you are the one as well who owns that so it is your priority to clean and maintain the cleanliness so that it would not be a messy one especially when you have a visitor. You need to know the basic things of cleaning the house like the window cleaning which is very simple as you need to get a piece of cloth and wet it a little and that is the time that you can scrub the windows and the glasses of it and then try to wipe with a clean tissue or towel after. You can spend 10 minutes of your time in the morning by sweeping the floor to remove the visible dust and dirt on the floor or washing the dishes after cooking so that it won’t pile up and give you a headache sooner or later.  

You need to know yourself if you are too busy to do things at home or you have some spare time that you can use to clean the house or the rooms and even make a list of the daily activities that you can do. In the list, you can include the date or the day which you need to do the task and the possible time that you have to finish it or the allotted time to spend for it. You can divide the tasks into three parts like you can do it in the morning because it is faster to do and the evening one for those you need to do it before going to bed and the last one is during the weekend as you need more time to finish it.  

You need to remind yourself every day about the task that you have to do and don’t forget to give yourself a punishment for all the tasks that you haven’t done so well so that you can force yourself to follow it. There are some other people that they would do the things while taking the responsibility like those people who take the shower and wash their clothes after it and use the soap to clean and scrub the walls and the flooring of the bathroom.  

Of course, for the bed you need to do it every morning after you wake up so that you would feel comfortable and ready to sleep in the evening once you get inside of the room. The same thing with the kitchen as you need to wash the dishes after every meal so that the pests would not be hiding there which could cause a lot of problems to you like diseases and unpleasant smell everywhere. During the weekend, you can spend more time cleaning the garden and trimming the grasses to get a better ambiance and spend more time with the nature. Ask the family members to help you with this one.