Questions to Ask When Hiring a Window Washer

A lot of people think that hiring a window washer for your commercial or residential is simple. A lot of them think that going with the most affordable company and checking reviews is enough to find the right one. Of course, this can work in several cases.  

However, considering that everyone nowadays can call themselves a window washing company, you might not be so lucky. Because of this, asking the right questions is vital. 

Here are several questions to ask when hiring a window washer

What Kind of Experience Do You Have in Window Cleaning? 

As of today, there’s no real “window washing license” to be acquired. Thus, everyone can claim that they are a window washing firm. This can be an issue for business owners and homeowners with special window or glass. Luckily, you can get rid of window cleaner wannabes or amateurs by asking about their experience when it comes to window cleaning. You can also directly ask them about their experience with your unique glass.  

Possibilities are they aren’t extremely experienced with window cleaning if they’re extremely vague or if you feel anxious about the answer they provide. Keep in mind that unique glasses should be handled with extra care. The cleaning will actually result in highly visible and ugly scratches if not properly cleaned.  

What Is Your Safety Protocol? 

For those who don’t know, window cleaners have a lot of possible threats linked with their job. These threats can affect both you and the worker. Thus, it’s ideal to know whether the company knows safety protocols.  

In general, window washers are considered general labor. Because of this, they’ve got to be compliant with OSHA. In addition to that, there is a safety certification program provided by the International Window Cleaning Association. Therefore, it is best to ask if the firm has taken this safety certification. You can just ask about their general safety protocol if they haven’t taken that certification. You can ensure that your business or house will be a safe environment for both you and the washer by getting rid of firms that don’t have an actual safety protocol. 

What is Your Liability Policy? 

Window washing appears harmless enough to the unsuspecting client. But, it is crucial to know the possible threats that window washers encounter with each job. Depending on the service they are offering, they deal with sharp scrapers, ladders, and other different gears. You can be looking at an expensive lawsuit if an accident happens. This is especially true if the company you hired doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance. Because of this, before hiring a window washer, you have to always check the liability policy.  

The company needs to offer you with a proof of insurance. You will save a lot of money and time if you hire a company that has this type of protection. If you think that you’ll save more if you hire an affordable company that does not have liability insurance, you should really think again.